Tomasz Krawczyk

Content Director

Author of sales and negotiation methods, i.e. 4 Levels of Persuasion, Five Question Technique, Hypothetical Loss.

Author of training on sales, negotiations, management and the art of public presentations.

Author of the book "Sales and Negotiation Methodology" (Ridero, March 2020)

His articles on management, sales and negotiation issues are published in newspapers and monthly magazines (ie. Puls Biznesu, Optyka, Work and Health)

Experience in sales and negotiations since 1994. A sales representative, product manager, commercial director operating in construction, publishing and service industries.

In the following years - while conducting business trainings - introducing companies to new markets by developing strategies and conducting practical trading activities

Thanks to his skills, he has been hired to prepare companies for negotiations since 2002. Negotiator and mediator engaged in solving conflicts between enterprises or representing one of them.

Specialist of interpersonal communication - his solutions are implemented by the clients in other European countries.

Business Trainer, Coach - has over 1500 training days and 500 coaching days. Appreciated for extensive experience, thoughts about business and life, and highly rated for the ability to explain the methodology trough practical examples.

PhD at the Warsaw School of Economics, finished the PhD Studies at the College of Management and Finances.

Lead Auditor of Quality Management Systems compliant with the ISO 9001 standard, registered in the TÜV Saarland certification body, specializing in the customer processes.

Member of the Chapter of the nationwide Certification Program "Customer-Friendly Company" third edition, implemented by the Institute of Management, TNS OBOP and Researcher by Call Center.

Member of the Chapter of the nationwide Certification Program "Investor in Human Capital" 6th edition, implemented by the Institute of Management and the Institute of Labor and Social Affairs.

Charity - the President of the Aid Organization for Orphan Children www. Spiesze z

How to implement Sales Standards?


Standards require their definition. The way they are formulated is one of the keys to successful implementation.


You must ensure that you are able to apply the sales methodology as a standard of conduct.


Sellers require support in implementing the Standards. Support is the task of their manager.


Constant supervision of effectiveness is the key stage of continuous improvement.

Our Standards

Practical experience

The Stainer Consulting team can only be created by sales, negotiation and management practitioners.

How and why?

Trainings must indicate what to do, show how to do it and explain why do it in that way.

Inspiring professionals

Personality, knowledge, thoughts that arouse curiosity, make you think, showing the methodology including the philosophy of action and values.

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