The practical book

of sales and negotiation

There is the book that every trader has been waiting for!
Sales and negotiation methodology developed in practice!

The book contains a description of negotiation tactics and methods of conducting sale talks. The author illustrates the methodology with examples of specific statements, which is the strength of this publication. He presented the methodology, focusing on the effectiveness of salesman's activities.

The author of this book is Tomasz Krawczyk, our company's Content Director, a professional negotiator, trader, sales manager with practice since 1994. He presented the essence of the methodology of effectiveness achieving in the book.

Tomasz Krawczyk describes the methodology of sales and negotiation together, as one area of skill, what is not common in the literature. He accent's that:

  It is difficult to negotiate effectively without skills of sell and it is difficult to successfully finalize a sale conversation without understanding the principles and methods of negotiation.  

Tomasz Krawczyk - introduced companies to new markets by developing strategy and conducting physical trading activities as an independent trader. He has been hired to prepare companies for negotiations since 2002. As a negotiator and mediator involved to resolving disputes between companies or representing one of them in this process. The methodology of some products' sales developed by him was implemented in companies in Poland and other European countries.       more...

   Introduction (fragment)

The desire to knowledge is a disease that cannot be cured,
because curiosity increases with knowledge.


  The above thought of Cartesius reflects the nature of cognition and understanding. In the sphere of sales and negotiations - which are elements of human nature - curiosity increases as we learn next rules. The mechanisms of influence on the way of thinking, operating in a person and between two people, the philosophy and methodology of behavior resulting from them is the knowledge, which we want to constantly deepen by learning.

(...) Sales is a demanding profession. He requires the salesman to know techniques, methods, tactics on the one hand, and the ability to take care of the customer and ensure full satisfaction on the other way. It is ideal for anybody who likes people, wants to help them, and who like the technical side of dialogue. He challenges with every day, with each client, therefore he never gets bored. It is a hard profession because, similary to the case of sportsman, it requires training, discipline and permanently perfecting your own correct reflexes. At some moment, it becomes a life attitude. Who am I? I am a salesman.

Tomasz Krawczyk

author Tomasz Krawczyk

Spis treści


Rozdział 1 - Correct attitude
     Psychological bases for positive relationships building with people
     Listening - meaning the understanding of words
     The sense of sales

Part 2 - Purchasing psychology and the resulting sales methodology
     Do we do it with our heart or mind?
     Understanding the needs
     Recognition of choice
     Taming the prices
     Impact on the senses in B2C


Part 3 - Characteristics of sales
     Models of sales conversation conducting

Part 4 - Initiating a sales conversation
     Initiating a conversation in a retail outlet
     Cold Calling in B2B

Part 5 - Defining the clients needs
     Problem questions as the basis of sales
     Understanding the scale of the problem
     What should you ask about?
     Expressing the need
     5Q Technique

Part 6 - Offer presentation
     How to build a strong argument?
     Psychology of impact
     How to present arguments?
     How does the customer perceive the offer?
     Written offer
     Follow up
     Objections handling
     Persuasion in sales, i.e. influence the way of thinking

Part 7 - Finalization
     Price psychology
     How to talk about prices?
     The customer's "attack" on the price

Rozdział 8 - Business negotiations
     Negotiation rules
     Position of teams
     The win-win philosophy
     Preparing to negotiations


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How to implement the Sales Methodology?


Knowledge and practical exercises build a workshop. Understanding sales philosophy and methodology is essential.


After the training, the value is working with an Expert who observes and supports put the workshop into practice


To check the true effects of implementing new methods, it is helpful to assess through the eyes of the customer


The role of the management is to create the principles, methods and atmosphere supporting the team to develop and implement new techniques

The participants of our trainings use free expert's advice for a year after training