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Tomasz Krawczyk
Content Manager

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It is the book that every trader has been waiting for!
Sales and negotiation methodology developed in practice!

Tomasz Krawczyk presented the essence of the methodology of effectiveness achieving in the book.

The book contains a description of negotiation tactics and methods of conducting sale conversation. The author illustrates the methodology with examples of specific statements, which is the strength of this publication.

How to implement the methodology?


Cyclical exercises build practical skills - it allows you to constantly increase efficiency. The workshops have the form of practical exercises.


The value is to work with an Expert after training, who observes and supports implementation the learned workshop


To check the effects of new methods implementation, it's helpful to assess by the client's eyes


The role of management is to create principles, methods and atmosphere supporting the team in developing and implementing the new techniques

We started our activity in 2002

We create our own methodology of sale, negotiation and management

We implement our solutions in European countries

The participants of our trainings use free expert's advice for a year after training

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