The originator and owner of the brand is Tomasz Krawczyk - interpersonal communication expert, trainer, coach, active negotiator, the autor of book "Sales and Negotiation Methodology" - Content Director in our organization.

The leader of the trainers team is Michał Bereska - trainer, coach, business advisor, lead auditor of Mystery Client survey, expert of Sales Standards implementation

The Stainer Consulting company started activity in 2002, using the graphic sign presented on the right.

At the beginning of 2014, the logo has been changed. It has already accentuated our new approach to the development of our clients' business.

New QUALITY - we've brought a new approach to training and coaching through the 17 years. In 2019 , we introduced a new company logo accentuating New Standards of our activities.

The new approach we implement also in other Europe countries, conducting training in Germany, Austria, Spain, Great Britain, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

Our Standards

Practical experience

The Stainer Consulting team can only be created by sales, negotiation and management practitioners.

How and why?

Trainings must indicate what to do, show how to do it and explain why do it in that way.

Inspiring professionals

Personality, knowledge, thoughts that arouse curiosity, make you think, showing the methodology including the philosophy of action and values.

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How to implement Sales Standards?


Standards require their definition. The way they are formulated is one of the keys to successful implementation.


You must ensure that you are able to apply the sales methodology as a standard of conduct.


Sellers require support in implementing the Standards. Support is the task of their manager.


Constant supervision of effectiveness is the key stage of continuous improvement.

The participants of our trainings use free expert's advice for a year after training

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